Where we go for Inspiration

By Alexa & Christine

Christine: One of the treats of collaborating with other artists is sharing source material for inspiration.  From the start of forming Team PuppetAGoGo, I discovered that we have a lot to share.  I showed up to our inaugural team meeting with a bag of books marked with sticky notes, Alexa showed up with her laptop.

So I said to Alexa, let’s write a duo-blog post about where we go for inspiration.  Me old musty books in foreign languages, you the modern ether.

Musty old books – the best kind of books.  I love going to the Toronto University College series of used book sales every autumn.  You go with a small backpack and $20, vowing that you won`t spend any more than the $20 and you won`t buy more than you can carry on the subway.  But lo and behold, they take debit and visa AND they have lots of empty wine boxes available to fill (perfect size to wrap your arms around).  Who can resist a musty old book in a foreign language when it includes puppetry!  Here are two of my favourites.

Russian puppet theatre stage setting example:


Polish puppet show book (travelling puppet show school program):

Alexa: Cole Lewis, our brilliant friend who is a director, Yale Graduate and Professor at Simon Fraser University, set up a Pinterest board as a research and development tool for me and Clelia Scala when we were designing costumes for Cole’s play Antigonick at the Summerworks Theatre Festival in 2014. That’s also how I met Clelia-thanks Cole!:) Before this I just saw Pinterest as a lovely addiction that provided me with endless craft ideas and tutorials, baking recipes and fitness tips.  For Antigonick the three of us shared an inspiration board for the look of the costumes we were developing and each added inspirational pins as well as actual pieces we were going to purchase (you can add a Pinterest button to your web browser and pin just about anything, amazing).  So when I got together to work with Christine, Trisha and Clelia on this show, one of the first things I did was go to Pinterest.  I try not to pin other people’s art as inspiration that much, because I want to have my own style, but it’s amazing for tutorials, subject matter photos and to put all of your ideas in one place so you can see them as a cohesive big picture.

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