New ideas from new recruits

20151004_170123image3image1 (1)IMG_0496

By Christine

Our recruitment drive for 1000 Finger Puppets is off to a super start with submissions already!  We’ve got early representation from the under 14 crowd.  Lili & Cole hail from Burnaby, Katie is from Toronto, and Simone is based in St. Catharines.  I’m impressed that Katie skipped the sewing step and went straight for the glue-gun – her technique of wrapping a paper tube in pipe-cleaner is one I’ve not seen before.  I’m a little worried that Cole’s dynamite may be loaded – will his puppet be allowed to travel to the exhibit?  Lili’s bunny inspires me to go for the cute-factor – aahhhh.  As for Simone, I enjoyed witnessing both her creative process and art direction this summer – she knows how to costume design and direct the adults already!

One of the reasons we launched Puppet-A-Go-Go was to inspire folks to create.  We enjoy the results of their imaginations come to life!


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