Finger Puppet Structure Techniques

By Alexa
As I’ve been making my Finger Puppets for our Puppet-A-Go-Go Art Show in April, 2016, I’ve noticed a few structural techniques that have developed that I keep going back to.
The first one is a basic finger form, with details added to it, such as this green Cyclops, made by one of our workshop participants.  This is a fast and very satisfying way of creating a character.
Finger Form Puppet
The second one, like this happy Maple Leaf, is making a flat character and glueing a basic finger form to the back of it.  This is another quick and easy way of creating a Finger Puppet without creating a 3D structure.
And the 3rd, like the Killer Tomato, is a 3D character with room for your finger.  If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll glue a basic finger form inside the 3D structure, so that you can’t see the inside of the puppet for a cleaner finish.

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