How-To Instructions – Now Available!

Rob Elliott of Swizzle Studio has created these easy to follow “Finger Puppet How-To Instructions”.  Download and print, then set your fingers and imagination loose.


Download Paper Finger Puppets How-To PDF here: paper finger puppets


Download Egg Carton Finger Puppets How-To PDF here: egg carton puppets


Download Felt Finger Puppets How-To PDF here: felt finger puppets


Download Crochet Finger Puppets How-To PDF here: crochet finger puppets


Download Knit Finger Puppets How-To PDF here: knit finger puppets


Download Dollar Store Challenge How-To PDF here: dollar store challenge


$ Store Glove Challenge

gloves.jpgBy Clelia

Last spring, at the first Puppet-A-Go-Go meeting,  we decided to include a wall of 1000 finger puppets in our group show at the Niagara Artists Centre (opening April 23 – save the date). We joked that by spring 2016, we’d be buying dollar store gloves, cutting off the fingers and calling them puppets to round out the wall.

Here it is, February 2016, and we’re actually doing pretty well with the finger puppets, thanks to donations, community workshops, monthly Puppet-A-Go-Go crafternoons, and many solitary hours of work. But when you’ve got a lot of finger puppets to make, it can help to give yourself some amusing challenges. At the January crafternoon, we decided that we’d go back to our dollar-store idea, pick up some gloves and craft some puppets. Here are the results.