About Us

Puppet-A-Go-Go is a collective of four artists: Christine Cosby, Alexa Fraser, Trisha Lavoie and Clelia Scala. Our aim is to bring puppets to the people and people to the puppets. Puppet-A-Go-Go will launch in the spring of 2016 in St. Catharines, Ontario, expanding over the next four years into a big, annual puppet festival by 2020. Our first year will feature puppet exhibitions, puppet-making workshops and artist talks. One of our projects will be collaborating with artists, youth and the general public to create 1000 finger puppets to show at the Niagara Artists Centre. Throughout the year, you can join us for crafternoons (dates TBA) and in the fall, visiting artist-led workshops and talks. Puppetry is a fantastic way for people to participate in craft and arts making, storytelling and performance. Stay tuned for more brilliant plans!

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date on all things Puppet-A-Go-Go. You can get in touch with us at puppetagogo@gmail.com.

The Puppet-A-Go-Go Team

Christine Cosby

Christine Cosby is a textile and soft sculpture artist who loves to collaborate with other artists.  She works out of her Toronto studio with Swizzle Studio‘s Rob Elliott and is a regular exhibitor at Niagara Artists Centre’s (NAC) events.  Her most recent spring 2015 NAC group-show “Randy & Friends” explored four artists’ interpretations of six chosen objects and, as a result, she has two giant oversized fishing lure sculptures hanging from her studio ceiling.

Alexa FraserAlexa Fraser is a textile and installation artist, seamstress and designer from St.Catharines, Ontario. With a B.Des in Fashion Design from Ryerson University and professional Design experience in the States, Alexa’s very excited to be part of St.Catharines’ growing Arts and Culture scene.  Since returning to St.Catharines,  Alexa has displayed work in many solo and group art exhibits and performances, including STRUTT, Canada’s Largest Wearable Art Show, the In the Soil Arts Festival, Small Feats Art Show, the Niagara Falls Night of Art and the St.Catharines Night of Art.  Alexa is very excited to be a part of the upcoming Puppet-A-Go-Go Art Show, a four person puppet art show and workshop program in 2016.

Trisha LavoieTrisha Lavoie is a sometimes builder of things, occasional puppeteer, and part time bingo caller who lives in Hamilton, Ontario. Her artistic preoccupations include the cinema, dioramas and the conjuncture of the two, which would goes a long way in explaining her attachment to puppet shows. Her favourite performance remains her puppet adaptation of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1963 exploitation masterpiece “Blood Feast”.

Clelia Scala

Clelia Scala is a St. Catharines-based mask and puppet maker, collage artist and illustrator. Recent credits include mask design for Whether You Like It Or Not (Odyssey Theatre); puppet and set design for Chester (Castlemoon Theatre); concept, mask and costume design for Unstrung: A Triphopra (STRUTT/ Niagara Artists Centre); and mask construction for The Visit (Yale School of Drama). Recent publications include collages for the books Alice in Plunderland (BookThug) by Steve McCaffery and for I Can Say Interpellation (BookThug) by Stephen Cain. She is delighted to be part of the Puppet-A-Go-Go team. You can read more about Clelia and her work at clelia.ca


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