1000 Finger Puppets Art Show: Spring 2016

Puppet A Go Go’s 1000 Finger Puppets Show: April 23 through May 6
Niagara Artists Centre – 354 St. Paul St., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Installations and pieces by Puppet-A-Go-Go artists:

Clelia Scala, Alexa Fraser, Christine Cosby, and Trisha Lavoie


Christine Cosby, Clelia Scala, Alexa Fraser & Trisha Lavoie

Plus the wall of 1000 Finger Puppets from contributors far and wide! (Thanks to Joe Lapinski for the show photos)


1000 Finger Puppets, Niagara Artists Centre, Spring 2016 (click to view large)



Finger puppets by Puppet-A-Go-Go artists


Friday The 13th puppet show, video and sound installation. Trisha Lavoie, 2016.


Animal marionettes, sculpture and textile. Clelia Scala and Alexa Fraser, 2016.


Crash Car Derby, interactive puppet theatre. Christine Cosby, 2016.

Click any image below for a slide show of these highlights: