Science Fiction B-Movie


The puppet audience is awestruck by Clelia Scala’s B-Movie scene!

Puppet-A-Go-Go’s Clelia Scala was first up for the In The Park residency at the Niagara Artists Centre’s Plate Glass Gallery. Her papier-mâché scenario of monsters and scientists comes right out of the late show!


Pleading with the monster to put down its victim. Clelia Scala’s installation at NAC’s Plate Glass Gallery.

Standing almost three feet tall, the bug-eyed monster carries his victim while a pair of concerned (and maybe culpable) citizens beseech it to stop being so horrible.

Clelia’s scene also featured the debut of the Puppet-A-Go-Go audience, over 40 puppets built especially for the project by Scala, Christine Cosby, Trisha Lavoie and Alexa Fraser. These puppets are seated on risers and will watch four different scenarios over the coming months.

Puppet-A-Go-Go In The Park runs until January 31, 2017.